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I’m Sarah, and I’m in love with a boy who I call Monk.  That’s short for Monkey, by the way.  He’s my first baby boy, and we live in Queens with a very good daddy, and a dog named Annie.  Monk’s dad is a doctor, and Annie is a Shiba Inu.  She’s absolutely insane and out of her mind and stuck up all at the same time.  Monk is the sweetest of the sweet boys, he’s handsome too, and if you’d like to listen, I’ll tell you stories about navigating motherhood for the first time.  P.S. There might be poop stories that make you cringe (just warning you…), and I might sometimes seem like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing (that’s because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing…yet.)


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  1. Did you attend Kindergarten at River Oaks School in Dearborn Heights? I believe I subbed for your teacher for a month or so and you were in that class. I remember a child how left to theater or movies when I was there. Your name is very familiar. After subbing, I taught at William Ford and Haigh Elementary in Dearborn. Hope your book wins!


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