Dear Matthew (Monkey) on Mother’s Day,

I’ll keep this real short and sweet, and simply say thank you for letting me be your mama. Our bond is more than I can put into words– it’s unspoken, it’s magical, it’s like Christmas morning every day when I wake up and see your face. Sure, you drive me bananas sometimes, but it doesn’t matter even a little bit, because you’ve made my life complete and the happiest mama on earth. Your little smile when I walk into the room, all of your MANY personality quirks, hearing you (finally) say your first word (Annie!!), watching you discover things for the first time, giving me and your dad one of your signature sloppy, open-mouthed kisses, and every milestone big or small couldn’t prepare me for the immense joy I’d feel watching you grow, learn, and love. You are the center of my universe, and I hope you know how much happiness you’ve brought into my life just existing and being you. You really are my sunshine. The day I had you I told myself I’d never stop thanking God for making me your mama, and I’ve kept my word. I’m thankful for you every day.

I love you to the moon and beyond beyond beyond, my monk.